Custom Urethane Machining

CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine

cnc cylindrical grinding machine

American Urethane has purchased a new CNC cylindrical grinding machine from Germany, specifically made for urethane/polyurethane material. This machine is the 4th grinder in our shop and is the largest, with the capacity to grind parts up to 12” Diameter x 23” Length.

cnc cylindrical grinding equipment

With a cost of over $250,000.00, the Fanuc Controller, and Fanuc AC Servo motors allow for precision grinds of grooves, radii, tapers and unusual shapes. The throughput can be over 100 parts per hour. With different grinding wheels for the machine, we can grind soft 25A, all the way up to hard 75D.

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CNC Lathe

Our CNC lathes are designed specifically to cut urethane/polyurethane parts. Interchangeable gang style tooling allows us to make high precision urethane parts at a low cost and hold repeatable tolerances of .001”. This part is used in a city municipal water pump, over 400 feet deep in the ground.

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