Polyurethane Gears

Polyurethane Gears

Custom Molded and Cast For Any Purpose

Polyurethane Conveyor Belt GearsPolyurethane gears are superior to other types of gears for many reasons including noise abatement, chemical resistance, zero corrosion and zero backlash.

Polyurethane gears are widely used. Polyurethane gear use includes manufacturing, assembly lines, conveyor belt systems, printing systems, and drive systems.

Industries Using Polyurethane Gears Include

• Food & Beverage Manufacturing Industry
• Personal Hygiene Industry
• Health Products Industry
• High Technology Industry
• Printing Industry
• Packaging Industry

Types of Polyurethane Gears Available Include

• Polyurethane Spur Gears
• Polyurethane Helical Gears
• Polyurethane Worm Gears
• Custom Polyurethane Gears
• Polyurethane Pinion Gears

multiple urethane partsThe lower tooling costs of polyurethane compared to the specialized machining and finishing costs of metal gears and sprockets makes urethane the wise choice in drive-gear design.

American Urethane, the leader in custom-molded polyurethane parts, offers savings of up to 50% in production costs when substituting polyurethane for metal. In addition to cost savings in the design and manufacturing of gears and sprockets, custom-molded polyurethane parts from American Urethane offer excellent wear resulting in reduced downtime for repairs and reduced maintenance costs. Custom-molded polyurethane also offers unique noise abatement properties not achievable with metal parts resulting in quieter operating machines. American Urethane offers innovative solutions to the toughest design problems and has a quick turnaround time.

Product Engineers Prefer Polyurethane

Polyurethane parts provide longer service life when compared to plastics and rubber, and lower noise abatement properties when compared to metals. For these and many other reasons product engineers specify polyurethane components.

Create Your Polyurethane Gear Prototype Today

American Urethane is the premiere supplier of urethane parts and components for industries all over the world. We differentiate ourselves by providing the most rapid response possible to quotes and inquires. We offer very low tooling costs and rapid prototype creation. Best of all, when we respond to a quote, you are talking to an American Urethane engineer who understands your needs and concerns.

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