Polyurethane Shaft Seals
Polyurethane shaft seals from American Urethane offer superior performance over plastic and rubber shaft seals.

Industries using polyurethane shaft seal include industrial, marine, automotive, manufacturing and transportation. Polyurethane shaft seals outperform rubber and plastic seals because of their ability to withstand high loads, compression and abrasion. In addition polyurethane shaft seals have longer component life spans than rubber or plastic. Polyurethane shaft seals perform well with materials such as slurry, oil, water and hydraulic fluid.


Types of Polyurethane Shaft Seals Available Include

• Shaft Seals
• Pump Shaft Seals
• Radial Shaft Seals
• High Pressure Shaft Seals
• Hydraulic Shaft Seals
• Automotive Shaft Seals
• Marine Shaft Seals
• Water Oil Hydraulic fluid Shaft Seals
• Slurry Shaft Seals
• Pump Shaft Seals
• High temperatures Shaft Seals
• Buffer Seals