Polyurethane Uses in the Industrial Robotics Industry

Custom Polyurethane Wheel

This polyurethane wheel is for an industrial robot with a camera. This robot inspects sewage pipes, oil storage facilities and is also used in the nuclear industry. The polyurethane wheel has been custom designed to provide extreme vibration dampening so that video images provided by the robot are crisp and clear. This wheel can navigate through pipes and other uneven surfaces and operate well in extreme environments with water, heat, solvents and chemicals

Wheel used on TV camera for pipe inspections

Custom Polyurethane Parts for Chemical, Military, Petroleum and Other Industries

Our company creates custom polyurethane parts at low tooling costs for chemical, petroleum, military and other industries. All of these polyurethane components are custom designed to exacting client requirements. Each project always begins with rapidly built prototypes created at low cost for evaluation and testing. We are able to manufacture both short or long term product runs.

Polyurethane is Superior To Plastic, Metal and Rubber

Polyurethane component parts are used by these industries because polyurethane is superior to other materials such as plastic, rubber and steel. Molded polyurethane parts offer high load and high compression abilities that function long after rubber and plastic parts have failed. Cast polyurethane parts can be made iron-strong or sponge-soft, in any color or shape. In addition, polyurethane components offer long run durability and extreme resistance to harsh environments of water, heat, solvents, chemicals and abrasion.

Robotic urethane wheel
Petroleum pipe seal urethane