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Castable urethanes are finding new applications in many industries because urethane parts provide longer service life when compared to plastics and rubber, and lower noise abatement properties when compared to metals. In addition, these materials are offered in both FDA and MIL-SPEC approved urethane.

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Why American Urethane?

American Urethane is the premiere supplier of urethane parts and components for industries all over the world. We differentiate ourselves by providing the most rapid response possible to quotes and inquires. Best of all, when we respond to a quote, you are talking to an American Urethane engineer who understands your needs and concerns.

Benefits of Urethane:

  • Extensive Wear
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Operates at Minimal Noise Levels
  • Can be Cast, Molded, and Machined
  • Can be Made Sponge-Soft or Iron-Hard
  • Excellent Tear Strength
  • Elasticity
  • Solvent Resistance
  • Color Acceptability
  • Withstands Extensive Temperature Changes
  • Low Tooling Costs
  • Electrical Insulator
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