Polyurethane Wheels

Polyurethane Wheels

polyurethane-wheels-99American Urethane creates custom polyurethane wheels that work for any purpose or application in both short and long production runs.

Polyurethane wheels offer benefits unmatched by steel, plastic and rubber wheels. Each polyurethane wheel can be customized by hardness, color, durability, flexibility and even tear strength. American Urethane creates rapid prototypes at very affordable costs. Tooling costs for production are also affordable and much lower than those with metal, plastic and other materials.Polyurethane wheels can be made with or without hubs for any industrial use. All polyurethane wheels are non-marking.

Top Ten Reasons To Use Polyurethane Wheels

1. Offer Very Long Service Life Versus Plastic, Rubber & Steel Wheels
2. Provide Incredible Noise Abatement
3. Offer Better Grab And High Traction For Paper, Glass, Wood, Etc.
4. Are FDA Approved For Food Processing & Clean Rooms
5. Strongly Resist Abrasion, Harsh Chemicals, Acids And Solvents
6. Decrease Conveyor System Downtime
7. Can Be Made In Any Color And Are Non-Marking
8. Can Be Made Sponge-Soft Or Iron-Strong
9. Can Handle Extreme Temperatures Both Hot And Cold
10. Increase Profitability

Blue Box on Polyurethane Wheels
Machine with polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane Wheel Repair / Wheel Recoating

Do you have a unique wheel that needs to be recoated or repaired? Polyurethane can be used to recoat your metal hub or component avoiding expensive retooling and replacement costs. Recoating can be done on any number of wheels. Polyurethane Wheels Can Replace Any Type of Wheel
Hot Dog containers
Polyurethane Caster Wheel

Wheels That Can be Improved With Polyurethane Replacement Wheels

• Drive Wheels
• Crown Wheels
• Guide Wheels
• Skateboard Wheels
• Caster Wheels
• Chair Casters
• Skate Wheels
• Pulley Wheels

• Dolly Wheels
• Swivel Wheels
• Railroad Wheels
• Rail Wheels
• Wagon Wheels
• Wheelchair Wheels
• Track Wheels



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