Polyurethane Motor Mounts

Motor Mounts, Transmission Mounts, Frame Mounts and Exhaust HangarsPolyurethane motors mounts are the industry standard replacement for rubber factory motor mounts which wear out and cause damaging vibration. Polyurethane motor mounts offer incredible vibration resistance and prevent engine flexing. These motor mounts strongly resist all automotive chemicals including oil, grease, coolants, acids and road debris. They resist abrasion and handle all automotive temperature extremes.

Polyurethane Transmission Mounts

Polyurethane transmission mounts protect expense drive trains by reducing vibration and drive train flexing. These transmission mounts are tough long lasting polyurethane which last years longer than rubber OEM mounts. They are very resistant to oil, grease, coolant, abrasion and temperature extremes.

Polyurethane Exhaust Hangars

Polyurethane exhaust hangars provide long life and strong resistance to vibration, oils, coolant, road debris and temperature extremes. They are great replacements for stock exhaust hangars made of rubber or steel.

Types Of Polyurethane Mounts Include

• Motor Mounts
• Transmission Mounts
• Body Mounts
• Frame Mounts
• Exhaust Hangers
• Marine Motor Mounts
• Automotive Motor Mounts
• Poly Motor Mounts
• Universal Motor Mounts
• Custom Motor Mounts


Polyurethane Mounts

• Strongly Resistant to Oil, Coolants, Grease & Road Debris
• Works Well in All Temperature Extremes of Hot or Cold
• Lasts 3-4 Times Longer Than Rubber Mounts
• Reduces Flexing
• Absorbs Vibrations
• Does Not Dry Out or Crack Like Rubber Mounts
• Low Tooling Costs

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