Polyurethane Springs

Polyurethane Springs

escalator using polyurethane springs
Polyurethane springs

Characteristics of Urethane Springs

Polyurethane Springs offer numerous advantages to metal springs including higher loads, non-magnetic and much longer life span. Industry uses for polyurethane springs include automotive suspension and clutches, elevators and escalators, shock absorbers and die stamping.

Benefits Of Polyurethane Springs

• Long Service Life

• Oil, Solvent and Corrosion Resistance

• Strong Abrasion Resistance

• High Noise Abatement

• Vibration Damping

• Shock Absorbing

• High Compression Ability

• Bondable To Metal Components

• Temperature Resistance To Temperature Extremes

• Available In Custom Colors

• Non-Magnetic

Types of Springs Available

• Suspension Springs

• Die Springs

• Compression Springs

• Encapsulation Springs

• Disc Springs

• Utility Springs

Polyurethane Springs Are Used In

• Automotive Clutches

• Elevators / Escalators

• Metal Stamping

• Tool & Die Industry

Examples Of Other Products Made By American Urethane