Urethane Product Services
…unsurpassed workmanship at competitive prices!
Engineering Assistance
Our Engineering Department will assist you with the design and specifications of your urethane part. We will help prioritize a comprehensive description of performance requirements in order to achieve the proper formulation of urethane to optimize part construction while rendering your desired performance characteristics.
Secondary Operations
Included in our manufacturing facility, American Urethane, Inc. has a modern machine shop for any secondary operations that may be required to perfect your part. We can cut, saw, drill, grind, turn, and mill your part to meet all tolerance specifications. With our modern precision equipment, we will put the finishing touch to your
urethane component.
Tooling & Mold-Making
American Urethane, Inc. has full production, in-house tooling and mold-making capabilities. Tooling and mold-making costs for urethane parts are considerably lower than for other conventional materials.
Casting & Molding
American Urethane, Inc. will custom-blend urethane elastomers to achieve your exact design specifications. Prototype pieces for testing purposes are affordable, and our flexible production system maximizes efficiency while allowing cost savings for both low and high volume output.
Metal Bonding & Inserts
With careful surface preparation and the application of adhesive prior to casting, American Urethane, Inc. can bond urethane to a wide variety of materials, including metal, wood, and plastic. Bond strengths exceeding the tear strength of urethane itself can be achieved. If adhesives are not desirable, bolts or screws can also be utilized.
Quality Control
Quality control is an integral part of American Urethane’s production process. We comply with all EPA and OSHA regulations, utilize a SPC system of accountability, and physically inspect parts before shipment. We are currently working toward ISO 9001 Certification.