The excellent load-bearing and shock absorbing qualities of urethane, as well as improved cost/performance make it the material of choice in the manufacture of escalator and elevator tire tread.


Polyurethane replaces wood and plastic elastomers in the manufacture of cutting sticks and die-cutting pads for use in printers, paper cutters and embossing machines.


Reduced production costs, improved wear and abrasion resistance, and noise abatement makes polyurethane the wise choice in chain-drive design for small business machines.


Polyurethane eliminates the costly process of machine fitting metal bearing-adapters into the metal tubes used on airport conveyor systems.


Polyurethane eliminates the common problems associated with rubber and plastic compounds in the fabrication of paper-moving rollers that require high traction, non-marking surfaces.


The excellent load bearing capacity and wide range of resiliency make polyurethane the ideal material for the manufacture of shock-absorbing, gun mounts.